Compare car insurance rates before you buy — you could save money.

Most motorists have only a hazy familiarity with automobile insurance. They seldom read the fine print. You’ll find nothing mysterious about automobile insurance – here’s the original source. It is Protection. Basically, there are 2 kinds.

Automobile Liability Insurance protects from claims of others arising from the ownership, maintenance or usage of your automobile. Physical Damage Insurance protects you against loss or harm to your own automobile. Most notable type of insurance are Collision, Comprehensive, Fire and Theft coverages.

Automobile insurance policies varied from business to business. The insurance buyer didn’t know what to expect. He thought he had the insurance he needed-until he had an accident. Then your fine print was magnified.

The insurance companies got together and agreed that automobile policies should contain standard provisions. The American Mutual Alliance (mutual companies), The nation’s Bureau of Casualty and Surety Underwriters (stock companies), the American Bar Association and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners worked out a standard automobile policy. While companies do not have to use the standard policy, most of them do, with the exception of Texas and Massachusetts. A type of the standard policy is protected here. Check it against yours to make certain that you have a standard provisions policy.

The insurance section in this article deals with the typical provisions insurance policy for a private passenger automobile. Don’t own or drive a vehicle without liability insurance. Don’t touch a wheel or drive one inch without it.

Don’t say you can not afford it. One accident, just one single, could ruin you financially-could cost you more than you’ll pay for insurance in the hundred years.

Present-day juries bring in whopping big verdicts. They assume every defendant is insured. For those who have no insurance, you can’t make it recognized to the jury. They’ll assume you’re covered. Should a verdict be earned against you, you could lose whatever you own. You could be forced out of business or have your income garnisheed.

Are you compelled to carry liability insurance? Technically, the reply is no. The theory is that, you are entitled to one accident, equally as you often hear that every dog is entitled to one bite.
Perhaps some car owners carry no insurance simply because they believe they are able to avoid accidents by careful driving. In reality, only the foolhardy go without insurance.

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