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Lalique Chandeliers for A More Beautiful Home For your home lighting, chandeliers are a good and recommended option to consider. They not only provide adequate lighting to parts of your house, they also add beauty and provide elegance to any one of your rooms. In contrast to what most people believe that chandeliers can only be sued as ornamental lighting in places such as grand halls, foyers, and formal dining halls, chandeliers can absolutely be used in any room of your house, including bedrooms, kitchens, and other parts of your house. Lalique chandeliers provide your home with chandeliers that not only beautify and add function to your home, their products also add a touch of history and art to your house. When you use Lalique chandeliers, you add a different ambiance and aura to the room. Most probably, the lalique company of chandelier’s name was taken from Rene Jules Lalique, a popular French glass designer long ago. He designed various forms of art with his medium being glass, and these pieces included various perfume bottles, vases, jewelries, clocks and you guessed it, chandeliers. Rene Lalique’s glasswork subject’s were mostly of vegetation and various wildlife, and even a frog sculpted by him became an instant collectible. The forms he crafted with glass bore the mark of a jeweler, an artist and a glass maker, and thus resulted in glass art that pulsated with energy. Rene Lalique was of the Art Deco movement, with ideals that characterized the movement as functional, modern, elegant and highly glamorous. Art Deco Architecture at that time had considered lighting as an important part of its movements, and thus there was a need for stylish and good lighting such as chandeliers and lamps. A chandeliers original purpose was solely for providing light, and this study dates back to the middle ages. Chandeliers of the olden days were simple crosses of wood with spikes where candles could be stuck. As a matter of facts, chandeliers were named after the French word for candlestick. When metalwork became a bit more famous and easier to afford, chandeliers were then made of wood and metal, until they were completely made of wood. Today, chandeliers have gone a long way since, and have evolved to crystal chandeliers which are made mostly out of glass, and with this, it being a very attractive type of chandelier. Reminiscent of the work of the late rene Lalique, Lalique chandeliers aim to provide you quality crystal chandeliers. Lalique chandeliers are indeed a timeless piece of glass structure.Sconces – My Most Valuable Advice

Sconces – My Most Valuable Advice

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